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Specialized therapy for the queer, trans, polyamorous, and kink communities across WA

You’re giving more than you’re receiving in your relationships (and feeling resentful as a result). You continue to notice the impacts of your past showing up in your present (despite the work you’ve already done to address it) and you can’t seem to change the patterns you feel caught in.

Something’s keeping you stuck. 

You may know exactly what it is, but therapy in the past hasn’t gotten to root of it. Or you might not be able to put your finger on it, but you’re ready to figure it what’s going on so you can do something about it.

You’re ready to step into and live out your authentic, quirky, queer, sensitive, brilliant, color-outside-the-lines, so-much-to-offer, true self.

Hey. I’m Soren (he/him).

I believe two important things about therapy: 

1. You shouldn’t have to explain yourself.

2. You should experience real transformation.

I know you may have spent much of your life feeling forced to conform or abide by a certain set of expectations or norms. Not here. Whether the work we do is directly related to them or not, your identities and preferences—your queerness, kinkiness, polyamorousness, all of it—are welcomed here, not as a part of the “problem,” but as a wonderful part of who you are.

My approach to therapy is about more than simply talking about what’s going on. We dig deeper into the wisdom of your body and the roots of the challenges you’re experiencing, so we can actually heal them at the source. I’m here to help you trust yourself, ground yourself, and cultivate healthy, fulfilling relationships in every area of your life.

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I offer LGBTQ+, kink, and polyam-affirming therapy for adult individuals.






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You’ll get the most out of therapy if you’re doing the work with a therapist who feels like the right fit—someone you can feel comfortable and at ease with. Click the button below to schedule a free, confidential consultation to decide if that’s me (or if I can connect you to someone else who is).

I currently have limited openings Monday-Thursday 12pm-5pm.  Please text at the number below or email to schedule a free consultation.  I look forward to meeting you!